Announcement: Pandemic Firebreak Task Force by Citizens for Health Institute

This strategically aligned special task force, led by Citizens for Health Institute, offers pandemic solutions providers a mechanism to brief and pitch stakeholders on bio-hygienic strategies to combat COVID 19. This next-generation taskforce will offer supplemental, nutraceutical, and therapeutics based solutions to a ready audience of congressional, federal regulatory, European Union, and Executive Branch representatives.

Sponsored taskforce participants will take part in the following game-changing activities:

  • Academic whitepaper research inclusion where task force members will chime in on their unique pandemic solutions
  • Institute supported mass socialization of concept
  • Peer to peer networking across international government
  • Virtual Summit participation to brief 100,000s of global experts and enthusiasts on your organization’s pandemic solution
  • Congressional Roundtable position to advise and assist House and Senate representatives on the tools, tactics, and procedures of your solution
  • Present your solution to select members of Vice President Pence’s White House Coronavirus Taskforce (contact for details)
  • Ongoing media engagement opportunities and grassroots social support for viable solutions
  • Introductions to potential distribution partners and strategic alliances
  • And much more!

The goal of the Citizens for Health Institute’s Pandemic Firebreak Taskforce is to identify and cultivate the expedited governmental introduction of leading solutions that can be utilized for COVID 19 related population health. The activities of this unique coalition are designed to rapidly introduce viable pandemic solutions that can be used by government representatives to minimize the pandemic impact while we wait for a safe and thoroughly researched vaccine candidate.

To qualify and receive more information on how to participate please contact the Citizens for Health Institute.