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Announcement: Introducing the Citizens for Health Institute

Citizens for Health (citizens.org) is excited to launch the Citizens for Health Institute, the Congressional and Federal Regulatory advisory and research support extension of Citizens for Health and its website Citizens.org. There are several ways Citizens for Health supporters can get involved. Once each month, we will be distributing a Citizens for Health Institute regulatory and Congressional climate report that will break down the current events for regulatory and legislative activity in the supplement industry, Chiropractic, GMOs, Vaccines, Homeopathy, and other alternative health niches.

Our goal is to bring valuable and timely information to our underserved industry constituents. For decades Citizens for Health has brought a powerful activist voice directly to the halls of regulatory agencies and initiatives that would have otherwise been ignored. CHI will provide the critical industry niche advisory and education to congressional, regulatory, and even the Washington DC region’s diplomatic mission space.

Citizens for Health Institute has several initiatives and gateways for you to get involved, such as:


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This Institute exists to express the interests of each and every grassroots supporter of Citizens for Health initiatives. We will be giving you unbridled access to the inner workings of the regulatory and legislative landscapes. We ask you to share our content on any platform you utilize.

  • Please post, like, share, and comment on our posts and content
  • Redistribute our content to your subscriber lists
  • Take action! Our reports will typically have action steps to counter or assist regulatory or legislative activity that either enunciates with the Citizens for Health’s support base interests or doesn’t. When your action is needed on a critical item, we will provide you the most direct and potent path to having your voice heard.


Contributor: (Free)

  • Free Monthly CHI Congressional & Regulatory Climate Report subscription
  • Action Alert emails
  • Free access to virtual events
  • Premium content and video access
  • Subject matter briefing and Training access
  • VIP Access to closed briefings and events
  • And more!


Fellowship (Sponsored) Contact Us Today

You may be wondering how CHI supports our Ph.D. writers and researchers, public relations, government advisory communications, congressional work, and more? It’s through our Fellowship program and Sponsorship opportunities. Below is just a glimpse at what you can expect as a Sponsored Fellow of Citizens for Health Institute:

  • Placement on Congressional and Federal Agency advisory teams based on subject matter expertise
  • Regular Institute supported media engagement
  • Institute Fellow Branding
  • Whitepaper publishing and distribution to more than 1,000,000 readers
  • Article publishing and syndication to ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox news affiliates
  • VIP Cocktail Receptions with government & industry stakeholders
  • Quotes and citations in Institute whitepapers and Congressional talking points
  • Your own Institute sponsored coalition with full Congressional, Federal Agency, and Diplomatic Mission access (subject must be approved)
  • Public Speaking & expert panel participation at heavily publicized events
  • And much more


Sponsorship Opportunities:

For those without direct affiliation to Citizens for Health, yet still want to support the Institute, we have our Sponsored Opportunities such as:

  • Blog or article syndication to ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox
  • Whitepaper Topic Sponsorships
  • Congressional Climate & Regulatory Report section sponsorships
  • A Day in Congress (will start again after the pandemic)
  • Virtual Event panel moderator or keynote spot
  • Sponsor a Coalition, and it’s research, media engagement, and advisory
  • For more information about Sponsorship Opportunities, click here


Sponsor Our November Event: Contact Us Today

Our events always offer an opportunity to help promote your organization or subject matter expertise. We have fully optimized opportunities to get Infront of millions of like-minded grassroots supporters who already share your views and subject matter convictions. Here are a few of the event sponsorship opportunities we currently offer:

  • Expert Panel Sponsor
  • Keynote Sponsorship
  • Expert Spotlight Interview
  • Moderate a Panel
  • Promotional Literature Sponsorships
  • And more!

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Citizens for Health Institute: Coalition Directors
Invites for the following positions will go out over the next few days. If you are interested in one of the following sponsored Coalition positions, or if you have an idea for a Coalition niche that is not mentioned, please CONTACT US. Each of the following Coalitions will be assigned a Congressional Adviser and group of Ph.D. writers and researchers who will take topic and positioning instruction from the designated Coalition Director. The Coalition Director position is designed to easily work around the expert’s day job schedule and the majority of the heavy lifting for this position is facilitated by the Institute’s team on the Director’s behalf.

  • Director of Institute for Chiropractic Studies
  • Director of Institute for GMO Studies
  • Director of Institute for Natural Health
  • Director of Institute for Vaccine & Pandemic Studies
  • Director of Institute for Homeopathic Studies
  • Director of the Paleolithic Studies Institute
  • Director of the Institute for American Veteran Studies
  • Have an idea for an institute or coalition? We want to hear from you!


Director Access and Basic Responsibilities:

  • First, our staff will facilitate the heavy lifting such as writing, research, advisory, article syndication, etc. (You can be as involved as your interest and schedule allow.)
  • Offer topic niche direction for coalition’s whitepapers, Congressional talking points, syndicated articles, and virtual summits.
  • Opportunities for revenue sharing
  • Respond to media engagement and inquires under the official title of Coalition Director
  • Advise members of Congress on issues that have to do with Director’s expertise. (As your schedule and interest allow.)
  • Provide an article each month or work with our PhDs to author content that is rooted both in current events and the coalition’s industry niche position.
  • Lead a group of Coalition Fellows to testify before Congress and advise to Representatives in Congress, Federal Agency, and International Diplomatic Mission space on Coalition material, initiatives, or current events.
  • Represent the coalition for public appearances and VIP receptions for both the public and private sectors.
  • Promote your coalition activity, whitepapers, virtual summit, media engagement, and congressional advisory initiatives to your existing followers and subscribers.
  • And more! Contact us for more details.

More information on the following initiatives:

  • Sponsorship opportunities: Research, Reports, Virtual Summit, article syndication
  • Institute Fellows program will be introduced when Coalition Director recruiting is complete
  • And more!

If you’d like more information about how to optimize your Institute interactions and industry niche voice, contact us for updates and sponsorship opportunities!


About CHI:

The Citizens for Health Institute offers an academic and Congressional advisory rooted and wholly aligned with the missions and goals of Citizens for Health and its constituency. We strive to provide meaningful and thought-provoking whitepapers and reports to members of Congress, Federal Agencies, and the grassroots support base of Citizens for Health.

We are funded through various programs such as whitepaper sponsorships, Fellows program, and events. Our mission is simple, to advise and educate stakeholders by introducing them to the values set for by Citizens for Health and its constituents. We offer a congressional, federal, and academic extension of the following principles:

“We, at Citizens for Health (CFH), believe that sound health is the vital foundation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and is itself a fundamental human right. We agree with the World Health Organization’s definition of health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity;” and think “spiritual” should also be added to the list.

We believe that citizen-consumer access to natural health choices — choices other than therapeutic drugs, surgery, and radiation — offer significant opportunities to maintain sound health. Both distinct from and integrated into current practices, natural health therapies can reduce costs and virtually eliminate dangerous, expensive side effects. In short, natural health choices support healthy citizens and a healthy economy. As Winston Churchill famously said, “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have”.

From organic foods free of pesticides and GMO’s to the removal of toxic chemicals from children’s toys; from continued access to dietary supplements to home birth, acupuncture and naturopathy; we want more value placed on holistic healing modalities that offer American families options in how to prevent and treat illness.

We are also seeking to inspire dialogue about aspects of the dominant culture that pose threats to our well-being, such as over-vaccinating our children, eating meat from cloned animals, using mercury dental fillings, and fluoridation of our water supplies with hydrofluosilicic acid.

The CFH Mission has many diverse constituents. Our fundamental intention is to bring these constituents together, increase our numbers, and make our collective voices louder than ever — politically, economically, and culturally. In summary, we intend to create a seat at the table in the national health care policy debate for the natural health constituencies. With more than half of all Americans using natural medicine, our movement is gaining momentum. Let’s not be limited in our thinking about how to stay healthy as individuals, as a society, and as a planet. The natural health freedom movement exists because of people like you. Thank you.”

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